20 Jun 2016

Very close to Thessaloniki, located in Imathia Vergina, a small town that became world famous when the archaeologist Manolis Andronikos discovered the tomb of the father of Alexander the Great. It is located 13km southeast of Veria, the prefecture’s capital, and 80 km southwest of Thessaloniki. The discovery brought to light a grave resembled palace with a temple facade. In one frieze length 5.60 meters represents a multifaceted hunting scene in the rich landscape of a grove, a unique composition with rich colors. Inside the tomb there were found all the utensils that were buried with the dead almost intact and one warrior armor on the rear wall just as he had been placed before nearly 2,500 years. Beautifully golden urn with the emblem of the Macedonian kings lie the bones of Philip II, the great military and political figure of the 4th century BC, Alexander the Great’s father. Inside the tomb there is exposure to the objects and the offerings of large tombs and other smaller of the area. It also exhibits the golden shrines of the tomb of Philip, weapons and utensils, models and photographs of monuments and Chryselephantine beds tomb of Philip with the heads of Philip and Alexander made of ivory.