Winter Destinations You’ll Love In Greece

Snow-covered mountain peaks and endless kilometres of skiing trails. Natural thermal waterfalls and bucolic escapes in lakes. Traditional “northern” recipes and warm hospitality. Northern Greece has many faces, worth getting to know even in the cold winter.

We discover these faces, for all you northern Greeks who, every time we write about Mountainous Arcadia and Corinthia or every time we do a feature on the villages of Parnassos or Pelion, you remind us that they fall… slightly far away. The following destinations are as close as they are magical. Put your scarves and your warmest coats in your suitcase and let’s go.


Our first thought for a winter getaway in Northern Greece, the snowy hamlets of Kaimaktsalan promise scenic walks among century-old plane, pine and beech trees as well as slaloms at the country’s “highest” ski resort.

The highlights. The village of Panagitsa is worth a visit with its stunning views of the lush green Pella and Lake Vegoritida. Of course, the “main course” of your getaway is at the ski resort that reaches an altitude of 2,680 meters, with endless kilometers of easy to very demanding ski trails and a beautiful little church at the top.

The magic of the most atmospheric lake of Northern Greece becomes eerie, “bathed” in winter fog, ideal for those seeking an alternative destination, with a special “bucolic” aroma, traditional flavors and walks with… wild buffalo.

The highlights: Wild Buffalo in every version, as well as delicious steaks and buffalo sausages.

It is, according to UNESCO, one of the ten most beautiful villages in Europe: The preserved settlement of Nymphaeum is located at 1,350 metres amidst the lush vegetation of Mount Vitsi and is ideal for active travellers, animal lovers and volunteer enthusiasts, or simply for lovers of beauty.

The highlights: first stop, the beautiful cobbled streets of the village with the stately houses and the picturesque corners overlooking the beech forests that surround the settlement. Second stop, in the nature around the village, such as the Wildlife Park that starts from the entrance of the settlement, on the slopes where you can go horseback riding (information can be found in the square of Nymphaeum) or in the nearby lakes Zazari and Chimaditida, on the shores of which undiscovered fishing villages “nestle”. Last and best stop, the Arcturus Sanctuary, whose Environmental Centre is home to bears and wolves and has a Brown Bear Information Centre. Entrance costs €6, and there is the option of a two-day volunteer work experience at the Centre, which covers accommodation costs in a nearby village.

Dense forests and roads that pass through ghost villages lead to the banks and picturesque fishing villages. The melancholic landscapes, snowy background and watery vastness welcome you. It is located in front of the wild beauty of Prespa.

The highlights. There, you’ll buy local products such as the famous Prespa beans, handmade woven baskets and delicious spoon sweets. Other interesting riverside settlements are Agios Germanos, Lemos and Karyes. Finally, the snow will take you to the nearby Vigla-Pisoderi ski resort to practice the king of winter sports.

Pozzar Baths
Somewhere in Pella, there is a location that, despite the bitter cold of winter… steams defiantly and invites us for an unprecedented experience of nature “dives” and trails. Pozar baths have begun to exploit their natural wealth and are identified with the ultimate relaxation getaways in Macedonia, without being exclusively addressed to the… old age.

The highlights. After you have experienced the experience of experiencing the unique atmosphere of the spa. You will have the opportunity to visit the evocative caves of the area, in the first Speleological Park of Greece near the village of Ano Loutraki or to follow the hiking and climbing trails that start from Loutra or Galanas Nera and move along Thermopotamos or through the gorge.

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