DRIVING LICENSE: The car driver must have a driving license for at least one year prior to the rental date. The driver must possess either a driving license issued by an EU member state or an international driving license. (Insurance Company Terms).

DRIVER’S AGE: The minimum age limit is 21 years for small car categories. For all other categories, the minimum age limit is 23 years. It is clarified that full insurance coverage is valid from 23 years and above. For SUV categories, the age limit is 25 years. (Insurance Company Terms)

GUARANTEE: Drivers must hold a credit or bank card for guarantee purposes. If they do not have a credit card, only under special circumstances and after approval by City Car Rental, they may be able to rent cars belonging to categories B, B1, or C after depositing a cash guarantee for the rental, besides the rental fee, which will be refunded at the end of the rental.

MINIMUM RENTAL PERIOD: One day (24 hours). Each hour of delay after the completion of the 24-hour rental is charged at 2/6 of the daily rental fee. After 3 hours, a full day’s charge applies.

Fuel Refill: The Customer is required to return the vehicle with the same fuel level as at the start of the rental. If the Customer fails to refuel the vehicle, the Lessor will provide a refueling service and charge the Customer for the cost of the service, as stated in the Main Price List, as well as the cost of the missing fuel liters.

Mileage: Rental kilometers are calculated from the premises of City Car Rental. The maximum daily mileage is 100 km for the first 4 days of rental. For bookings longer than 5 days, mileage is unlimited. The charge for extra kilometers ranges from €0.10 to €0.40 per kilometer, depending on the vehicle category.

Driving outside Greek borders is not allowed.

CHANGES: In certain special cases, the company reserves the right to change the type of car, and this only for an upgrade of category.

SHIP TRANSPORT: Only with the approval of City Car Rental.

PICKUP – DELIVERY IN DIFFERENT LOCATIONS: The One Way service allows the Customer to return the vehicle to a different city from where the rental started. The service must be agreed in advance by the lessor at its absolute discretion within Greece.

OFFERS: City Car Rental offers are valid for only seven days. After seven days, if the customer has not accepted the offer, it ceases to be valid. Customers should request to be offered a new valid one.

SPECIAL OFFERS / DISCOUNTS: Special offers are valid only for the mentioned dates/vehicles/locations. Only one (1) special offer can be applied to a car rental price.

TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS: All traffic fines and any other consequences are the responsibility of the renter.

SECOND DRIVER: Adding a second driver to the rental agreement entails a charge of €0.00 per day (VAT included).

GPS: Available upon reservation at a charge of €5.00 per day (VAT included), applicable for a maximum limit of 10 days (i.e., €50).

CHILD SAFETY SEATS: Available upon reservation at a price of €2.00 per day (VAT included), charged for a maximum period of 25 days (i.e., €50).

SNOW CHAINS: Available upon reservation at a charge of €0.00 per day (VAT included).

PRICES: Prices published on the website are subject to change without notice.

Car Insurance

Insurance Coverage

The insurance coverage provided with the car rental includes:

Liability towards third parties.
Comprehensive vehicle insurance.
Damages to the rented vehicle due to collision.
Total theft of the vehicle (only with a relevant report from the police).
Personal accident insurance for the driver and passengers.
Glass breakage.
24-hour roadside assistance.
Coverage for ferry transport to an island.
Insurance coverages only within the territory of Greece.
24-hour Accident Care.

Insurance Exclusions

The insurance coverage does not extend to damages resulting from deliberate misuse of the vehicle, driving on unauthorized roads, dirt roads, violation of the Road Traffic Code, driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other substances. Furthermore, coverage is not provided unless the following procedures are followed: In case of damage or accident, the driver must immediately contact our company to activate the accident care process from the insurance and immediately call the police (tel. 112). Non-compliance with the above instructions means that the customer will be charged the full cost of the damage. Additionally, renters must wait for the arrival of the insurance company and the police to draft an accident report, a copy of which must be submitted upon the vehicle’s return. Damages resulting from non-compliance with laws or unauthorized use of the vehicle are not covered by insurance, and the renter assumes the full cost of damages. All cars are equipped with a geographic positioning system for the safety of the vehicles and passengers.

The renter is also responsible for:

Loss or damage of keys and spare keys.
Tire and rim damage due to collision with a pothole or curb.
Damages to seats or extremely severe dirt inside the vehicle.
Damage from the use of incorrect or defective fuel, where the cost is entirely borne by the renter.
Transportation of items with City Car Rental vehicles is prohibited.

City Car Rental is not responsible for personal items that have been stolen or lost from the vehicle, for damages or accidents due to drunkenness or drug use by the driver. The police report must clarify if any of the parties involved were under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In case of theft, the customer must immediately notify the company and deliver the keys and the police report as soon as possible. Any damage must be reported immediately to the company. Failure to report leads to the customer being charged for all related expenses. Compliance with the Road Traffic Code is the sole responsibility of the renter and is not covered by insurance. All cars are equipped with a geographic positioning system for the safety of the vehicles and passengers. In case the renter causes damage and is liable, they must pay the corresponding deductible according to the vehicle category, and the car pickup will be from the company’s headquarters or will be charged with the corresponding delivery expenses. Any damage, regardless of liability, will be charged with a one-time management fee of €100.


The renter bears full responsibility for fines and damages due to non-compliance with traffic regulations, which are not covered by insurance. If the fines are not paid directly by the customer, we impose a processing fee of 20% in addition to the fine amount. Municipal police fines are charged 100% of the amount owed by law for fines on corporate and rental cars. In case of removal of license plates or towing of the vehicle by a crane, the cost is covered by the renter if the process is undertaken by City Car Rental.

Cancellation Policy:

To cancel a confirmed booking, send us an email or call us at +30 2310202029. The reservations department will review the cancellation request within 3 days and inform you via your email about the refund of the money you have paid for your confirmed booking. Please note that a cancellation policy applies, and in some cases, you may lose your deposit.

According to the cancellation policy, titled:

100% refund of the money you pay in advance, provided the cancellation is made 21 days before arrival,

50% refund, if the cancellation is made 15 to 21 days before arrival,

30% refund if the cancellation is made 7-14 days before arrival,

No refund if the cancellation is made less than 7 days before pickup or in case of no-show.

Age Requirements

Minimum age: 21
Additional Drivers
2 additional drivers allowed
Minimum age for additional drivers: 21

Fuel Policy

The lessee must return the car with the same amount of gasoline as it was accepted. Additional fuel charges apply if returned with less fuel than received
Deposit Requirements
Cash deposits are accepted only in special cases.
City Rent A Car accepts the following payment deposits: VISA, Master Card

Payment Methods

City Rent A Car accepts the following payment deposits: VISA, Master Card
One-Way Service
Vehicle transfer between City Car Rental locations in Thessaloniki is allowed
Between Thessaloniki Macedonia International Airport (SKG) and Athens International Airport: Charge: €280.00
Between Intercity Macedonia Bus Station (City Car Rental) and Kavala “Alexander the Great” Airport (KVA): Charge: €80.00
Between Thessaloniki Chalkidiki Bus Station and Thessaloniki (City Car Rental): Charge: €15.00
Optional Charges and Coverage
Child seat: €2.00 per day
Gps Navigation: €5.00 per day
Booster Child seat: €2.00 per day
Snow chains: €0.00 per day
Second Driver: €0.00 euro per day

Collision Damage Waiver

  • For car categories B, C, C1, the coverage includes a liability amount of €500 for damage and a liability amount of €500 for theft.
  • For car categories CAUTO, D, D1, the coverage includes a liability amount of €700 for damage and a liability amount of €700 for theft.
  • For car categories E, E1, E2, F, M, the coverage includes a liability amount of €900 for damage and a liability amount of €900 for theft.
  • For car categories M2, M3, SUV, SUVAUT, the coverage includes a liability amount of €1200 for damage and a liability amount of €1200 for theft.

If the renter (driver of the car) of the City Car Rental vehicle is not responsible, they are charged absolutely nothing.

City Car Rental Thessaloniki Greece Call Center: 0030 2310202029