Question : What happens if I need to extend the duration of the car rental?

At City Car Rental Thessaloniki, we understand that plans can change, and flexibility is key to a pleasant rental experience. If you find yourself needing to extend your car rental period, the process is simple and customer-centric. Firstly, we recommend contacting us as soon as possible to ensure the availability of the same or an equivalent vehicle. Recognizing the need for a rental extension, we offer the option to reach out to us via phone             (0030 2310202029), email, or through the contact form on our website. The procedure is quick, ensuring that your car rental extension is handled with professionalism and care.

In instances where an extension is necessitated by unforeseen circumstances, we’re here to support you, offering understanding and flexibility. It’s important to note that extending your rental may affect the final price, as each additional day will be calculated at the current daily rental rate.

Our company is committed to making the rental process as comfortable as possible for you, ensuring a seamless transition should you need to extend your rental period. Whether your plans have changed or you simply wish to enjoy more time exploring Thessaloniki and its surroundings, City Car Rental is here to accommodate your needs with ease and professionalism. Remember, for a hassle-free rental extension in Thessaloniki, City Car Rental is your go-to, offering both the reliability and flexibility you need.

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