Correct Positioning for a Mobile Base: Tips and Tricks

In the new models, using the mobile phone is a breeze. Simply connect it via Bluetooth to the infotainment system and you’re in and out of trouble. Phone calls, GPS, and even the on/off switch of a household electrical appliance (if you’re in a Mercedes) are all set using the touchscreen in the centre of the dashboard. But what happens if our car can’t support the above connectivity service, either because of its age or equipment version? The “old-fashioned“, but quite handy solution in such cases is the use of a mobile phone base. Use not just anywhere, because both the law (which we will analyze below) and simple logic “oblige” us to place it in a practical place that on the one hand serves us, and on the other hand does not in the least obstruct our external visibility.

Having learned the generalities, let’s go on to specify the information about the five safest and most convenient places to place the base of a mobile phone.
1) On the windshield
The windshield is probably the most widespread and frequently used mounting option for a cell phone cradle. With special glue or by using a suction cup, the base goes in at about eye level where we have good visibility of the road and easy use of the mobile phone as well.
2) On the dashboard
Leaving the windshield, an equally favorite option is the dashboard of the car. It’s more accessible due to the distance for the driver, minimally limits road visibility and is safer than an object on the windshield in the event of a car accident. Exposure to the hot sun is a major nuisance, just as it is with the base stuck on the windshield.

3) Air conditioning system vents
For those who don’t want to use the handsfree headphones as much but put the speakerphone on, the air conditioning system vents are a better solution. If they are even the traditional rectangular shaped ones the fixing is easier and also our visibility is not obstructed in the least. Caution: do not leave the mobile exposed to the air conditioning with hot air because it risks overheating and “sticking”.
4) Cup holders in the centre console
As long as your car has large (cup) holders in the centre console, it is easier to place a mobile phone holder there. By putting out his hand the driver has direct access although he more often “takes his eyes off the road”. We are, of course, careful not to be in a position that obstructs the gear lever. We do not recommend this position.
5) In the centre mirror
Placing the device in the center mirror makes it easier in that we are essentially looking at the road (behind us) and the screen/GPS at the same time. It can be easily mounted, it offers great viewing angles, we just have to be careful how well it is secured.
What Greek legislation says
In conclusion, let’s look at what the Highway Code says about both the use of a mobile phone and the additional accessories one mounts on a car. First of all, in Article 81 of the Code, entitled “Mechanisms, accessories and devices of vehicles”, reference is made to the windscreen, stressing that “It is prohibited to place or suspend in front or behind the windscreen, as well as to attach to it objects that restrict the driver’s visibility”. Regarding the permitted use of mobile phones, the MCC in Article 13 “Drivers” points out that “The use of a mobile phone while driving is only permitted when it is placed in a special position for hands-free use or when used with a wireless headset”.


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