All you want is Greece

This was the new slogan introduced by Greece’s tourism minister – Harry Theoharis – at the big travel trade virtual conference, ITB, yesterday.

The 2021 slogan from Greece. Image – © GNTO 2021

The underlying reason for the slogan?

According to Theoharis all you want is Greece and it will put a smile back on your face again.

With that announcement, he said that Greece was planning to open for tourism on May 14th. However this date might be adjusted and isn’t set in stone so beware of booking too close to that date. You might still have to move your holiday back if problems occur in the planning or if there is an upsurge in cases. A summer booking is looking more and more to be a safe bet.

Having said that, Greece has been one of the success stories. It has managed to contain cases and hospitalisations are much lower than in some European countries with similar populations.

When Greece opens for travel again, what restrictions on incoming visitors will there be?

The minister said that tourists will be welcome if they can show that they have been vaccinated, can demonstrate (a doctor’s note?) that they carryanntibodies (a doctor’s note?) or that they have tested negative.

Visitors will still be subject to random testing at all entry points to the country but this will rapid tests rather than PCR ones which take longer to process so you shouldn’t be detained too long at your point of entry.

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