What We Do

City Car rental has a long history of innovation in the car rental industry in Greece. We believe in quality and will offer the best cheap and quality vehicle for rental and also provide personalized transfers to our customers.


  • Our vision is to be the premier and preferred rental company on Greece car rental market and to offer service beyond customer satisfaction and demand.
  • We want to help our clients maximize their customer lifetime value and increase their competitive advantage by helping drive productivity and efficiency while delivering measurable results


  • We pay attention to our clientele by providing them superior service exceeding their expectation. Thus earning their trust, respect and confidence.
  • We are a unified team, where we believe in collaboration, professionalism, investing in our employees, technology, quality, continuous learning and improvement.
  • We consistently believe in the sense of novelty and improvement, as we empower our people to be inventive and resourceful.
  • We value our role in the community, where we recognize the responsibility and opportunity to contribute to society and make a meaningful difference.
  • We communicate global reputation by ensuring effective corporate visibility.


Integrity : We will privilege all commitments to our customers and employees.

Quality : Customer satisfaction is our main priority.

Teamwork : We shall ensure that we maintain caring and supportive work environments that encourage a sharing of skills and knowledge in the company.

Growth : We shall aim continuous modernism and engage in new ideas in order to quicken cost-effective growth.

Clients : We consider our clients like business partners. We are here to provide the highest quality of service to them and will treat their wants as our own. We shall increase their competitive advantage by consistently exceeding expectations.

Honesty : We totally value our reputation and the satisfaction of every one of our clients and will work to no end to uphold that. We all know that unexpected events may happen; vehicles break down / employees get sick. When these arise, we shall be keep you informed and work as hard as possible to make it all right.

Our Partners