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There are many popular destinations worth visiting in Northern Greece. But Halkidiki is the place that is receiving an increasing number of tourists. Halkidiki is on the Aegean Sea coast and the little area is full of seaside resorts. The tourist destination appears as three legs if looked at from above (some will say 3 fingered claw) and these are jutting out into the sea. One has to take a flight to the Thessaloniki airport to reach the peninsula and rent a car from City Car Rental. There are many car options in Thessaloniki that you can rent, but the Premium cars are the most exciting ones.

Typical European Style Villas

The Halkidiki villas for rent would mostly be large ones with 4-5 bedrooms and many baths. You can take your whole family or a large group of friends and stay comfortably. You can find villas which are fully furnished and the kitchen also equipped with everything you need to cook your own food during your stay. Since you have chosen a seaside resort for this holiday, pick one of the properties in Halkidiki that is right on the seafront. The amenities provided are at par with similar accommodation you get anywhere in Europe. They provide linen and a television with the DVD player for entertainment and so on. Check the terms of renting out these properties in Halkidiki online and make the booking. Technology allows you to get a fair view of the place on Google Maps. So there will be very little to surprise you when you arrive.

Things to Do at Halkidiki

Depending on your particular interest you can spend your vacation in Halkidiki. Once you have picked up and settled down in one of the Halkidiki villas for rent, the calm waters of the Aegean Sea itself will keep you captivated. The view from the villa’s balcony will be another way to relax and enjoy the time. But if you wish to explore your way around, there are historic sightseeing spots on the islands. The Cave of Petralonais is one such attraction that tourists never miss.

If you get to see some of the churches in the islands, take the time and learn their history. Some have interesting stories attached to them like being turned into mosques and then reclaimed by the Christian faith later.

No Dearth of Eating Joints

You may never be far from a restaurant in Halkidiki. Like any tourist destination, the resorts have their food outlets and you can find a variety of cuisines there. The local preparations and locally made wine are quite a craze among the tourists. Try them at least once to gather the experience.

Generally a good place to vacation, Halkidiki should be your next holiday destination if you wish to have that laid back and relaxed time; no timings to keep and no rushing through the traffic.

If you plan to spend an extended vacation here and ride all along Halkidiki you can look for City Car Rental and you won’t be disappointed.


Economy Cars

Fiat Panda

When you are on a certain budget and trying to save you will have to opt for economy cars as they are normally the lowest in price. Economy cars may not be the best option for long rides and whether you are more than three people as these cars are generally very small in size, engine and have limited features. Fiat Panda (Category B) is a good option for the best type of car to rent.

Compact Cars

Seat Ibiza

If you have room for a slightly larger budget on your vehicle, going for a compact rather than an economy would be a good decision. These vehicles are not much bigger in size but are considered a higher class category for the type of cars offered. The price would be worth paying for a little more comfort while driving. Seat Ibiza (Category C) is a good option for the best type of car to rent.

Full Size Cars

Fiat Tipo

How about a Fiat Tipo or a Skoda Octavia? These vehicles and others fall under the full-size cars for their good reputation. Being spacious cars and considered a smooth drive, you cannot go wrong here. Another pro to this category is the fact that its fuel consumption remains within the acceptable range.


Seat Arona

Great for a weekend road trip with family, the SUV category may just be your best call. SUVs are subdivided into categories as per their size, from mid-sized, standard to full size. Depending on the number of people traveling and the space needed, you can decide on which one to opt for. Seat Arona (Category F) is a good option for the best type of car to rent.

Now that you have all categories explained, the best type of car to rent remains very dependent on the type of trip your taking, your budget, and the number of passengers coming along. At City Car Rental you will find the best rates for all the above categories and more. 

 Greece plans to lift quarantine restrictions from next week for travelers from the European Union and five other countries who have been vaccinated or test negative for COVID-19, a senior government official said on Wednesday.


Last month, the country lifted a one-week quarantine rule for Israeli travellers who have been inoculated and test negative.

Greece, which emerged from a decade-long financial crisis before the pandemic last year, has said it will open its tourism sector, a key growth driver for its economy, from the middle of May.

“We will gradually lift the restrictions at the beginning of next week ahead of the opening on May 14,” a senior tourism ministry official told Reuters on condition of anonymity.

The official said citizens from the European Union, the United States, Britain, Serbia, Israel, and the United Arab Emirates will be allowed to travel to Greece via the airports of Athens, Thessaloniki, Heraklion, Chania, Rhodes, Kos, Mykonos, Santorini and Corfu, and two border crossings.

Passengers from those countries will not be quarantined, as long as they prove that they have received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine or show a negative PCR test carried out 72 hours prior to their arrival, the official said, adding the tourists would be subject to domestic lockdown restrictions.

This was the new slogan introduced by Greece’s tourism minister – Harry Theoharis – at the big travel trade virtual conference, ITB, yesterday.

The 2021 slogan from Greece. Image – © GNTO 2021

The underlying reason for the slogan?

According to Theoharis all you want is Greece and it will put a smile back on your face again.

With that announcement, he said that Greece was planning to open for tourism on May 14th. However this date might be adjusted and isn’t set in stone so beware of booking too close to that date. You might still have to move your holiday back if problems occur in the planning or if there is an upsurge in cases. A summer booking is looking more and more to be a safe bet.

Having said that, Greece has been one of the success stories. It has managed to contain cases and hospitalisations are much lower than in some European countries with similar populations.

When Greece opens for travel again, what restrictions on incoming visitors will there be?

The minister said that tourists will be welcome if they can show that they have been vaccinated, can demonstrate (a doctor’s note?) that they carryanntibodies (a doctor’s note?) or that they have tested negative.

Visitors will still be subject to random testing at all entry points to the country but this will rapid tests rather than PCR ones which take longer to process so you shouldn’t be detained too long at your point of entry.

Humanity is experiencing a global pandemic, an unprecedented crisis, an invisible enemy. We should stay healthy and safe, and we continue to … travel … dream … and make plans for the next day. We are currently preparing and planning for all of you … a Summer 2021 Discounted Prices … because the journey continues!

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It is always a pleasure with you, perfect service and perfect cars. Next time we are coming to meet you in Thessaloniki, its been a while since we’ve met. Thank you again for the great service and we will keep informing new customers to go with you

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